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MINOT, ND – Tomorrow voters in Minot will decide the fate of a bond issue that would fund a 9-12 high school at the site of the former Cognizant building in northwest Minot, turn Magic City Campus from an 11-12 high school campus into a 9-12 high school and turn Central Campus from a 9-10 high school campus into a third in-town middle school for grades 6-8. The election on Tuesday will be held in one polling site, at the Minot Municipal Auditorium. A 60% or greater majority approval will be required to pass the bond issue.
The ballot will have three separate questions. The first will ask voters to approve $84.8 million for the main project. The second would ask voters, if they approve the first question, whether they also want to approve an additional $24.2 million to pay for construction of a 50-meter competition swimming pool, new turf and an athletic complex at the school. The third question will ask voters to approve raising the debt ceiling to allow the district’s debt to be at 10% of its assessed property value. Currently, the ceiling is at 5% of its assessed value.
Voting will be at the Minot Municipal Auditorium from 7 am – 7 pm on Tuesday.
FARGO, N.D. (PNS) – As North Dakota families navigate the latest phase of the pandemic, community action agencies worry the crisis is affecting parents’ enrollment decisions for Head Start programs. These regional organizations carry out school readiness programs for low-income families across North Dakota.
In Fargo, Lindsey Burkhardt is the Head Start birth to five director for the Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency. Recently, they’ve had roughly 75 openings for their program, and she said she can’t remember having this kind of a struggle to keep classrooms full. “And we have had more and more families accept slots, but then they don’t show up,” said Burkhardt. “We can’t find them. There’s just so many things that we’re finding as barriers. “
Directors say transportation issues might be a factor, while acknowledging the likelihood of some families losing a loved one to COVID, affecting their ability to get their child to Head Start site. Family members who are immunocompromised are cited as another factor.
Locally and statewide, agencies are ramping up their outreach and recruitment to reach eligible families. Those increased efforts include using COVID funding to bring in more recruitment staff, while updating materials.
Burkhardt said they’re especially worried about not enrolling enough four-year-olds, which could put them back as they move up the education ladder. “We want our children enrolled in our program to go to kindergarten on their first day and be just as well-equipped to start that and have the same starting line as other children,” said Burkhardt.
The agencies say just like child-care centers across the state, Head Start programs face staffing shortages. But leaders say that shouldn’t prevent eligible families from applying to Head Start. The statewide Community Action Partnership says it’s hearing of similar enrollment issues in its Dickinson and Jamestown locations.
DULUTH, Minn. (AP) – A strong storm that created blizzard-like conditions in several Upper Midwest states left behind more than a foot of snow in some places, closed an interstate and dozens of schools and contributed to numerous accidents, including one that was fatal. A slick highway in Beltrami County, Minnesota was cited in crash that killed a 20-year-old passenger in a two-vehicle collision Sunday night. In North Dakota, the Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol closed Interstate 29 from the Canadian border to Grand Forks Sunday night due to blizzard-like conditions and reopened it Monday morning. In Wisconsin, Rhinelander, Phelps and Northland Pines were among school districts that called off classes today.
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BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A man whose car was struck by several bullets at Keelboat Park told Bismarck police the shooter or shooters tried to kill him in retaliation because he no longer wanted to be part of their gang. One of the suspects, 19-year old Deanthony Claiborne of Bismarck, was arrested Thursday. Authorities are still looking for a second suspect, who is believed to be out of state. The Bismarck Tribune reports Claiborne is charged with attempted murder, terrorizing and reckless endangerment, court documents show. An attorney isn’t listed for him.
The man whose car was fired at told police a third person, whom he could not identify, also got out of a vehicle that pulled close to his the evening of Nov. 15. It’s not clear if the third suspect fired or had a weapon, according to a police affidavit. The suspects had told the man about a month earlier that “it’s on sight,” which means they were going to shoot him on sight, the affidavit states. Police found several bullet holes in the man’s car. Spent ammunition casings and fragments from two calibers were found at the scene. Nobody was hurt in the incident. The affidavit didn’t specify how the man escaped injury.
FARGO, N.D. (AP) – Firefighters in Fargo rescued a man who had fallen through ice on the Red River on Saturday. The man was holding himself above water when firefighters made their way across the ice to him. A firefighter in an ice rescue suit entered the water and held the man as crews onshore pulled both men with a tagline attached to the firefighter’s suit. The man was in the water for roughly seven minutes and was treated by an ambulance service.
BISMARCK, ND – The North Dakota Department of Transportation through Vision Zero encourages aging drivers, their family, friends and caregivers to have conversations about driving habits during Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, Dec. 6-10. Age-related changes in health can affect a driver’s ability to drive safely. Drivers 65 and older should re-evaluate their driving habits to determine if there has been a decline in an area that impacts the ability to drive. Driving skills may decline at a slow rate so self-awareness is key to responsible driving.
Vision Zero has developed an Aging Driver Guide to help aging drivers, their family, friends and caregivers evaluate driving behaviors. Family members or caregivers should be aware of potential problems affecting safe driving when the older adult:
• Is forgetful or confused.
• Uses bad judgement when driving.
• Fails to follow the rules of the road.
• Can’t see where they’re going.
• Exhibits aggressive driving behavior.
• Drives well below the speed limit.
• Experiences multiple traffic crashes (dents or dings on the car).
• Has neighbors, friends or others who indicate there is a problem.
Developing a transportation plan can ease the transition to driving retirement and allow older adults to maintain their independence and mobility.
BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum has directed all government agencies to fly the United States and North Dakota flags at half-staff until sunset Thursday, Dec. 9, and encourages North Dakotans to do the same at their homes and businesses, in honor and remembrance of World War II veteran and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, who died today at age 98. The governor’s directive is in accordance with a proclamation issued by President Joe Biden.
FARGO, N.D. (AP) – Wintery weather hit North Dakota, bringing snowfall and high winds. The National Weather Service warned that parts of the state could see near-blizzard conditions late Sunday with blowing snow. The West Fargo library announced it was closing Sunday due to the weather. The North Dakota Highway Patrol also restricted travel for oversize vehicles in the northeast region of the state and urged all travelers to use caution in the conditions.
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