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MINOT, ND – One man was arrested and another is wanted in a weekend crash. Minot Police say they attempted to stop 38-year old Bowe Getzlaff of Minot on Saturday afternoon due to a pair bench warrants. When Getzlaff fled at a high rate of speed, officers terminated the chase. A short time later police were notified of a traffic accident in the area, which resulted in Getzlaff striking another vehicle in his attempt to flee. He was arrested on several counts, including fleeing. Officers say 24-year old Corey Berg of Minot was a passenger and fled the scene. He is wanted on outstanding warrants also. Getzlaff and the driver of the vehicle he hit received minor injuries in the accident and were treated and released. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.
BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota National Guard’s Bismarck-based 957th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge) has been alerted for duty at the southwest border of the United States. The unit will mobilize with about 125 soldiers and is expected to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
“We are deeply grateful for the courageous men and women of the North Dakota National Guard and their readiness to protect our great state and nation when needed,” said Gov. Doug Burgum. “We have monitored the ongoing crisis at the southern border and have responded to the request by sending North Dakota National Guard soldiers to support the efforts to secure our border.”
Soldiers of the 957th Engineer Company deployed to Iraq in 2003 to 2004, and Kosovo in support of NATO peacekeeping in 2009 to 2010.
The unit has also supported North Dakota National Guard domestic response operations like the 2011 statewide flood fight and the COVID-19 pandemic support.
“The high level of readiness and extreme professionalism of our Guard members enable us to quickly respond when called upon to serve,” said Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann, N.D. adjutant general. “The great continuous support from our families, employers and communities helps ensure mission success.”
Currently, the North Dakota National Guard has nearly 375 Soldiers and Airmen mobilized. About 70 soldiers with Company C, 2nd Battalion, 285th Aviation Regiment and 225 soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment are on duty in the National Capitol Region. Additionally about 75 airmen are mobilized overseas to various locations.
The Bismarck-based 957th Engineer Company unit is expected to begin their duty early autumn of 2021.


LAMOURE, N.D. (AP) – The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has confirmed the presence of invasive zebra mussels in a popular fishing lake in LaMoure County. A cabin owner spotted the adult mussels on a log floating in Twin Lakes over the weekend. The state’s aquatic nuisance species coordinator Ben Holen said follow-up sampling confirmed the presence of the destructive mussels, which compete with native species, clog water intakes and can even sink docks and buoys with their weight. The 1,735-acre lake is a popular fishing destination located a few miles north of LaMoure. Twin Lakes is located near Lake LaMoure.

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) has confirmed harmful algal blooms in twelve North Dakota lakes. Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) can produce toxins in the water called cyanotoxins. People that swallow or come into contact with water containing cyanotoxins can become sick with diarrhea and vomiting; experience numb lips, tingling fingers and toes, dizziness, rashes, hives, or skin blisters. Pets and livestock may also suffer adverse health effects. There are no known antidotes for the cyanotoxins produced by blue-green algae. Children and pets are at a higher risk than adults for illness because of their smaller size.
Blue-green algae can look like grass clippings floating in the water, clumps/puffballs, or green cottage cheese. It can also make the water appear like spilled green paint or green pea soup.
Respect advisories and warnings announced by the NDDEQ and government organizations such as public health units and local lake associations. All water advisories and warnings are posted online.
Do not swim, water ski, or boat in areas where the water is discolored or where you see foam, scum, or mats of green or blue-green algae on the water; or let pets swim in or drink from affected waters.
If you or your pet accidentally swims in water that might have a cyanobacteria bloom, rinse off with fresh water as soon as possible.
Do not irrigate lawns with pond or lake water that looks scummy or has an awful odor.
Report suspected blue-green algae blooms to the NDDEQ at 701-328-5210 or on the NDDEQ’s Harmful Algal Bloom webpage. Because it can take time to receive laboratory test results, we urge people to be cautious and avoid waters that look discolored, scummy, or have a foul odor.
BISMARCK, N.D. – Governor Doug Burgum has proclaimed July as Lakes Appreciation Month in North Dakota. North Dakota invokes images of the Badlands, wheatfields, and even oil wells. People certainly think of the Missouri River and the recreational opportunities it provides. Still, they may be surprised to learn that North Dakota has about 4,500 lakes-of which 450 are accessible to the public.
North Dakota lakes are desirable destinations for boating, fishing, camping, and swimming. Lake festivities in the summer and fishing derbies attract in-state and out-of- state recreational enthusiasts alike. Most state residents get their drinking water from groundwater or river sources. However, about 67,000 North Dakotans depend on a lake as their source of drinking water.
As you venture out to your favorite lake for a fishing trip, a weekend of camping or just a leisurely boat ride, remember it depends on you to keep it Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) free. Rinse your watercraft thoroughly before and after entering any body of water. Also, you can keep the shorelines clean by “Packing Out what you Pack In.”
To help celebrate Lakes Appreciation Month, consider leading or taking part in activities such as:
– Organizing a lake cleanup project
– Hosting a biking or hiking event at a local lake
– Helping to facilitate a local lake festival
– Enjoy your time on North Dakota’s waters
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KHRT NEWS – TUESDAY – 070621 – 1200
NEW TOWN, N.D. (AP) – Authorities say a 23-year-old man driving an all-terrain vehicle and a boy riding alongside him were killed in a collision with a pickup truck in northwestern North Dakota. The North Dakota Highway Patrol said the crash happened shortly before 9 a.m. about 12 miles north of New Town, in Mountrail County. The pickup was traveling south on state Highway 1804 when it struck the passenger side of the ATV as the driver attempted to cross the highway. Both vehicles rolled into the west ditch. Both occupants of the ATV were pronounced dead at the scene. The pickup driver was not hurt.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) – The military says a Grand Forks Air Force Base airman drowned in the Red Lake River near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. The Air Force says 24-year-old Nestor Chua Jr. was found dead Saturday. Officials say his body was retrieved from the river at about 4:45 p.m. Authorities say the drowning appears to be accidental, but remains under investigation. Chua was from Anchorage, Alaska and had been in the Air Force since 2016.
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – The U.S. Air Force is planning a massive training exercise over the northern plains states. The Bismarck Tribune reports that the maneuvers are set for July 19-23 in the skies over the Powder River Training Complex. The training area is the larges in the continental United States. It covers nearly 35,000 square miles of air space over the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. Officials at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota say multiple types of aircraft will be involved in the exercises and nonmilitary aircraft should avoid the area.
FARGO, N.D. (AP) – Firefighters in Fargo spent the Fourth of July racing from one blaze to another as residents launched a barrage of illegal fireworks. The Fargo Fire Department issued a news release early Monday morning saying firefighters responded to 15 fires on Sunday. Twelve were fireworks related. The blazes included two grass fires, three dumpster fires, one wood chip fire and nine structure fires. Only one fire resulted in significant damage. That blazed burned out an apartment garage. Other attached garages saw smoke damage. The fire department also helped a person who lost a thumb and finger in a fireworks explosion. Fireworks are illegal anywhere in the city. Police responded to more than 80 fireworks complaints.
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