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FARGO, N.D. (AP) – A man accused in the shooting death of another man outside a Fargo bar last summer was found not guilty following about nine hours of jury deliberation over two days. A jury on Monday acquitted 40-year-old Raymond Gunn. He was charged with murder in the July 24 shooting of 41-year-old Eric Hayes after an altercation in an alley between the Bison Turf bar and a convenience store on the North Dakota State University campus. Defense attorneys argued that Gunn acted in survival and self-defense, noting that Hayes was armed with a knife. Prosecutors blamed Gunn for being the aggressor and starting the fight. Officials say Gunn and Hayes didn’t know each other before the incident and it’s still unclear what lead to their argument
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley says he will replace the second-ranked prosecutor in the office. Wrigley says he hopes to name a replacement for Deputy Attorney General Troy Seibel in about a month. Seibel has held the post for six years. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum appointed Wrigley to the state’s top law enforcement position following the death of Wayne Stenehjem, who died in January from cardiac arrest. Stenehjem was the state’s longest serving attorney general. Seibel tells KFGO radio he understands and respects Wrigley’s decision to name his own deputy. Wrigley will seek the Republican endorsement for attorney general at this weekend’s state GOP convention in Bismarck.
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – Bismarck-area Democrats have appointed a North Dakota Senate candidate to the seat for which he is campaigning. Tracy Potter tells the Bismarck Tribune that the District 35 committee has appointed him to fill the remainder of Sen. Erin Oban’s term which expires in November. Oban recently resigned after President Joe Biden appointed her to become state directors for the U.S Department of Agriculture Rural Development agency. She decided not to seek reelection to the Legislature this year due to what she said was the divisive nature of politics. Potter announced a campaign last month for the seat he held from 2006 to 2010.
ROLLA, ND – The Rolette County Sheriffs office is asking for the public’s help in locating a runaway teen. Deputies say that 14-year old Jacoby Thiefoe of Belcourt was last seen on March 2nd. Thiefoe is a 5-foot 6-inch male weighing 118-pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Officers say he may have shaved his head. If you know the whereabouts on Thiefoe please contact Rolette County Sheriffs Office at 701-477-5623.
BISMARCK, ND – National Weather Service forecasters say the risk of widespread spring flooding is nearly behind us across the Missouri and James River basin as what snow there was on the countryside has largely melted and either run off, or soaked into the ground. Accordingly, the probabilities are all below to well below normal for this time of year. What risk that does remain is due to the potential for heavy spring rains, and given the recent weather patterns, the streams tend to have an above normal room for runoff before reaching problematic levels.
UNDATED (AP) – U.S. regulators on Tuesday authorized another COVID-19 booster for people age 50 and older, a step to offer extra protection for the most vulnerable in case the coronavirus rebounds. The Food and Drug Administration’s decision opens a fourth dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to those people at least four months after their previous booster. Until now, the FDA had cleared fourth doses only for people 12 and older who have severely weakened immune systems. The agency said this especially fragile group also can get an additional booster, a fifth shot. The latest expansion, regardless of people’s health, allows an extra shot to millions more Americans – and the question is whether everyone who’s eligible should rush out and get it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to weigh in.
BISMARCK, ND – The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s 2021 bighorn sheep survey, completed by recounting lambs in March, revealed a record 335 bighorn sheep in western North Dakota, up 4% from 2020 and 15% above the five-year average. The count surpassed the previous record of 322 bighorns in 2020. Big game biologist Brett Wiedmann was pleased to see an increase in the survey for the fourth consecutive year.
The northern badlands population increased 6% from 2020 and was the highest count on record. The southern badlands population declined again to the lowest level since bighorns were reintroduced there in 1966. “We were encouraged to see the count of adult rams increase to near record levels, and adult ewes were at record numbers,” Wiedmann said. “Most encouraging was a record lamb count corresponding with a record recruitment rate.”
Department biologists count and classify all bighorn sheep in late summer, and then recount lambs the following March as they approach one year of age to determine recruitment.
Department staff, in conjunction with biologists from the Three Affiliated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Division, also reported the bighorn sheep translocated in January 2020 from Rocky Boy’s Reservation in Montana to the Fort Berthold Reservation performed exceptionally well their second year in the state. The population has nearly doubled in just two years, which is exceptional population performance for bighorn sheep.
There are currently almost 450 bighorn sheep among populations managed by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, the National Park Service and the Three Affiliated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Division. Wiedmann said the next benchmark is 500 bighorns in the state, which seemed improbable just a few years ago.
Dr. Charlie Bahnson, Game and Fish veterinarian, added that although the Department was pleased to see a low prevalence rate of Mycoplasma during last winter’s disease monitoring of bighorn sheep, biologists did observe several bighorns coughing during the 2021 survey, which indicates the population has not completely cleared the deadly pathogen first documented in 2014.
A bighorn sheep hunting season is tentatively scheduled to open this year. The status of the season will be determined Sept. 1, following the summer population survey. Game and Fish issued five licenses in 2021 and four hunters were successful in harvesting a ram.
MINOT, ND – Trinity Health Foundation is excited to announce it was recently awarded a $30,000 grant from the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society funds a number of initiatives for patients dealing with the impacts of cancer. One of those initiatives is by providing grants that provide transportation assistance to cancer patients. Trinity Health Foundation will utilize the grant to provide gas vouchers and Souris Basin Transit vouchers to patients receiving treatments at the Trinity Health CancerCare Center.
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