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BISMARCK, ND – The latest flood outlook for the Souris River Basin say the threat of flooding continues to decrease. The National Weather Service forecasters note that the risk of widespread flooding continues to fall at all locations across the Souris River basin of North Dakota. Upstream of Minot is now nearly free of snow and runoff from melting snow is already in decline. Accordingly, risk of flooding upstream of Towner is now well below normal for all forecast points. Only Willow Creek and the Souris River near Westhope now have an above normal risk for flooding, and that is mostly due to the snow that remains in the Willow Creek basin.
Forecasters say all flood control and water storage reservoirs are now more concerned with reaching their normal summertime operating levels than they are with containing a spring flood. There is good reason to believe they will need help from spring rains to even have a decent chance of filling to desired summer water levels.
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – The National Park Service wants to revise the livestock management plan for wild horses and longhorn cattle in western North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park. According to park officials, the plan “is expected to determine appropriate management tools and protocols for managing the horse and longhorn cattle herds based on updated scientific information, methods, and best management practices regarding herd health, animal well-being, and population management goals.” Some of those goals include reducing emergency disease risk to bison from cattle. The park’s South Unit near Medora has feral horses. The North Unit near Watford City has nine longhorns.
BISMARCK, ND – Legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Biden is officially clearing the way for North Dakota’s Veterans Cemetery to receive grants even while burying National Guard and Reservists. The bill enables all state and tribal veterans cemeteries to continue to receive grants from the Veterans Association without hesitation regardless of if those cemeteries bury reserve components. Some reserve components who didn’t have active-duty training are now fully eligible in state and tribal cemeteries with its passage. The North Dakota Veterans Cemetery has been interring National Guard and Reservists since its opening in 1992.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The bird flu has been confirmed in two poultry flocks in Minnesota. Samples collected from both flocks were tested on March 25 and confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The state Board of Animal Health says it’s the first confirmed cases in the state. Minnesota officials have quarantined the properties. All birds in the flock will be destroyed and will not enter the food system.
Animal health officials with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department and North Dakota Department of Agriculture are monitoring a national outbreak of a foreign strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza detected in a number of central and eastern states since December, including Minnesota and South Dakota. The Game and Fish Department asks the public’s help in monitoring the outbreak in wild birds. Report any sick or dead birds through the online form The North Dakota Department of Agriculture encourages poultry owners to use biosecurity measures such as: keeping visitors to a minimum, washing hands before and after contact with live poultry, changing clothes before and after exiting their property, and looking for signs of illness. Report sick domestic birds to U.S. Department of Agriculture (1-866-536-7593).
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MINOT, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Democrats finished their state convention in Minot on Sunday. The party completed endorsements for several statewide candidates but they failed to recruit contenders for secretary of state and tax commissioner. Democrats endorsed University of Jamestown engineering professor Katrina Christiansen for the U.S. Senate. They also voted to back Mark Haugen of Bismarck for the U.S. House. Delegates backed Velva native Trygve Hammer for a seat on the public service commission. Democrats also endorsed Grand Forks lawyer Timothy Lamb for attorney general. On Friday they endorsed Melanie Moniz for the second open seat on the PSC and backed attorney Fintan Dooley for state agriculture commissioner.
RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) – A North Dakota man died following following a boxing match in South Dakota. Laron Peoples, of Dickinson, was a contender in the Elite Male Division at the South Dakota Golden Gloves boxing event in Rapid City on March 19. Following his loss against Sheldon Wright, ├íPeoples was taken to a hospital, where he died the following day.. Peoples was a defensive back in 2011 and 2012 for the Minot State University football team. He also attended Dakota College at Bottineau. Minot State University’s football roster shows Peoples was originally from Pontiac, Michigan.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) – Authorities say a man has died in an apartment fire Saturday in Grand Forks. Police, firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to 21 South 4th Street around 4:17 a.m. Saturday after a report of smoke in the complex. Firefighters extinguished the fire and found one person dead inside an apartment. The victim has not been identified. The fire is under investigation by the Grand Forks Fire Department.
BISMARCK, N.D. – With avian influenza spreading throughout the country and confirmed cases in wild birds and domestic poultry in neighboring states, residents should not attempt to assist, move, rehabilitate or dispatch wild birds and should avoid bringing wildlife home. Poultry owners should practice increased biosecurity to help protect their birds.
“To date, there have been nearly 450 detections in wild birds and 51 detections in commercial and backyard flocks throughout the country,” Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “In 2015, North Dakota had two cases of H5 HPAI in Dickey and LaMoure counties, affecting well over 100,000 birds combined. Producers learned firsthand the hardship this virus can cause.”
“With waterfowl migration in full swing, we encourage producers to restrict access to property, keep wild birds away from their owned birds and practice enhanced biosecurity,” North Dakota State Veterinarian Dr. Ethan Andress said. “If you have poultry at home or have neighbors or family with backyard birds, wash your hands after any wild animal encounters, change clothing before returning to chores and use a dedicated pair of boots in your own barn.”
Poultry owners should immediately report unusual death loss, a drop in egg production or sick birds to their local veterinarian to decrease the impact HPAI may have on the region. Hunters who are also bird owners should dress game birds in the field whenever possible and use dedicated footwear and tools to clean game that are not used on their property or near the coop.
The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has received a number of reports of sick or dead geese over the past week and will continue to monitor the outbreak in wild birds as it unfolds.
“Additionally, we’d ask that people please avoid disturbing sick birds since this adds stress and it is illegal to possess live game species taken from the wild,” Game and Fish Veterinarian Dr. Charlie Bahnson said.
Sick or dead wild birds should be reported through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s online form at
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