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MANDAN, N.D. (AP) – Mandan police say they have arrested a suspect accused of kidnapping and terrorizing a woman who escaped and locked herself in a gas station bathroom where she called for help early Friday. The 28-year-old victim told police the suspect forced her into a pickup and held her at knifepoint while they drove to a neighboring county and back. The victim said she was able to run from the vehicle at a gas station and call police. The suspect sped away when an officer approached. She later abandoned the truck and was found hiding in a residential area where she was arrested.
BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum sent a letter on Friday to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Labour Seamus O’Regan asking them to take all action necessary to help prevent a work stoppage on Canadian Pacific Railway and protect the supply chain for North Dakota farmers and businesses. The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, which represents about 3,000 CP locomotive conductors, engineers, train and railyard workers, has been unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement with CP and has threatened a strike. On Wednesday, CP announced a lockout of the TCRC workers starting Sunday unless a negotiated settlement agreement is reached or TCRC agrees to binding arbitration.
“A work stoppage would be detrimental to our communities, compounding an already stressed supply chain that is still recovering from pandemic disruptions and managing rising transportation costs,” Burgum stated in the letter, noting CP annually transports more than 11 million tons of products from North Dakota to Canada and over 2 million tons in the other direction, including agricultural commodities and fuels. “We are grateful for the long-term partnerships we have enjoyed with CP and Canada and urge you to take all action necessary to protect the supply chain and avoid the disruption of goods between North Dakota and Canada.”
BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum thanked the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board Friday for revising its strategic plan to clarify that the agency won’t be discouraging or micromanaging local credit unions for lending activities related to the agriculture and fossil fuel industries.
Burgum sent a letter in January urging the board to remove language from its proposed 2022-2026 strategic plan that targeted agriculture in a section titled “climate related financial risks.” The draft plan assumed that changing weather patterns “will disproportionately affect farming communities” and suggested that “to remain resilient credit unions may need to consider adjustments” to their membership.
On Thursday, the NCUA Board adopted a revised plan that retains the climate risk section but includes additional language clarifying that the agency “does not intend to micromanage credit union lending decisions for climate financial risk, including lending to family farms and others in the agricultural sector as well as businesses tied to the fossil fuel industry. The NCUA Board underscores that nothing in this strategic plan should be construed as discouraging activities related to agriculture or fossil fuels.”
In a statement Thursday about the final strategic plan, NCUA Board member Rodney Hood cited Burgum’s letter and stated, “Currently my view is that credit unions know best how to manage and mitigate the risk in their respective communities and not the NCUA.”

Burgum said that while he would have preferred to see the climate risk language removed, “We appreciate the NCUA Board clarifying its position so that credit unions know they can continue to provide financial services to our farmers, ranchers and energy industry without fear that such activity will put them in the crosshairs of federal regulators. North Dakota continues to be a leader in carbon capture, utilization and storage efforts, recognizing that carbon neutrality can be achieved only through innovation, not regulation.”

MINOT, ND – Trinity Health Foundation was recently presented a $25,000 donation for the new Trinity Healthcare Campus and Medical District Capital Campaign from Verendrye Electric Cooperative. Verendrye representatives Randy Hauck, Manager, and Tom Rafferty, Member Services Manager, presented the check to Trinity Health Foundation Director, Dusty Zimmerman, and Development Officer, Jamie Swenson.
“Community partners such as Verendrye Electric are critical to the success of the Capital Campaign,” Zimmerman indicated. “Trinity Health has been a community focused business and healthcare provider in the 20-county region we serve for 100 years. Organizations like Verendrye Electric will give us the ability to serve our community for 100 more years and we’re grateful for their continued support.”
“The work people do at Trinity to take care of others is essential and Verendrye Electric is happy to help with a donation for the new hospital,” Hauck said. “This is one of the most important advancements in health care our region has ever seen and we are excited to be a part of it.”
Trinity Health Foundation recently launched the HealthCare Campus and Medical District Capital Campaign to raise $15,000,000 to support the $520,500,000 project. In the early stages of the campaign, Trinity Health Foundation has raised $3,400,000. Donations are being sought from regional and national foundations, corporate donors, private donors, and Trinity Health staff through fundraisers.
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