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MINOT, ND – Minot police are investigating an incident of shots fired during an altercation. Police report it happened around 10:30 PM on Monday at a northwest Minot residence. Investigators believe the shots occurred during a confrontation between two groups. At some point during the altercation several people attempted to damage and enter a residence. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots as these events unfolded. A witness gave the description of a vehicle leaving the scene and an ensuing traffic stop resulted in the recovery of a stolen firearm. One male juvenile was taken into custody and referred to Juvenile Court for possession of a stole firearm. No injuries were reported. This investigation is continuing.
BISMARCK, ND – A Montana man has died from injuries sustained in an auto accident earlier this month. The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported the accident March 4th on Interstate 94 about 15 miles west of Mandan. Troopers say road conditions were icy with freezing rain/drizzle. A semi lost control went through the median into the oncoming lanes where it collided with a pickup pulling a 5th-wheel trailer. The Patrol say the driver of the pickup, 46-year old Scott Walden of Missoula, MT, died as a result of his injuries on March 11th. The driver of the semi suffered non-life threatening injuries. The investigation continues.
MINOT, N.D. – The Ward County Sheriff’s Department has released their report on 2021. The department seized more than 24,000 grams of meth, 18,000 pills of fentanyl, and 14,000 prescription pills. Sheriff Bob Roed with the Ward County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday that meth is the biggest problem in the county and while they are not seeing as many mobile meth labs, large amounts of drugs are still coming into the state. The department also saw an alarmingly high amount of reports for catalytic converter theft and Roed said he doesn’t think it will slow down any time soon. He noted that they saw a spike in the thefts during the State Fair. The county did see a decrease in a few crimes, such as assaults and DUIs.
BISMARCK, N.D. – Marathon Oil Company recently notified state agencies of a produced water spill from a pipeline they operate in Dunn County. Produced water is a by-product of oil and gas development. The leak was first detected about 5 miles northeast of Killdeer last Friday (March 11). Initial estimates from the operator indicate approximately 448 barrels of produced water discharged, impacting agricultural land. The cause of the spill is under investigation. Personnel from Environmental Quality are inspecting the site and will continue to monitor the investigation and remediation.
MINOT, ND – A garage fire and natural gas leak caused the evacuation of two homes in northwest Minot Tuesday evening. The Minot Fire Department responded to 1221 5th Avenue NW at 6:48 p.m. Tuesday for a report of an explosion in a garage. Firefighters extinguished the fire a few minutes after arrival. While on scene, firefighters noticed the smell of natural gas. Using detection equipment, they
found high levels of gas in the home where the garage fire occurred and in nearby storm sewer locations. Firefighters exited the home and moved personnel and equipment to a safe distance as a precaution.
Crews with the Minot Fire Department and Montana Dakota Utilities monitored gas levels outside nearby residences. Several area residents were alerted to the situation by members of the Fire Department, MDU crews, and members of the Minot Police Department. One residence was evacuated as a precaution. Crews remain on scene today. MDU officials and the Fire Department continue to monitor natural gas levels in the area. MDU crews have isolated the gas leak and are working on repairs. The affected homes and other areas including storm sewers and the affected home’s yard are being ventilated. Gas levels in the area continue to decline. No one was injured in the incident, which is under investigation by the Minot Fire Department,State Fire Marshal’s office, and MDU.
FARGO, ND (PNS) – In the coming months, North Dakotans will be filling baskets at local farmers markets. As vendors prepare this year’s produce, communities around the state are reminded of the economic benefits associated with these markets. This week, a variety of stakeholders tied to local food production took part in a workshop to discuss the intersection of farmers markets and community support.
Becca Jablonski, assistant professor and Food Systems Extension economist at Colorado State University, shared research on the topic. She noted that while these markets might not be huge economic engines, they do create positive gains that are felt in a variety of ways.
“Those sectors that are impacted are not just going to be in the case of a farmers market, farming sector, right?” said Jablonski. “They’re also going to be the places where employees, for example, spend their money. So, on things like child care and grocery-store sales.”
She noted that vendors often purchase local equipment, animals and other essentials to help with their food production, adding to the ripple effect.
Leaders from some North Dakota markets say common obstacles include access to suitable venues, as well as connections to local business leaders who could help with sponsorships. Simone Wai – co-founder of Folkways, which hosts Red River Market in Fargo – said local marketing partnerships are another way communities can help these ventures succeed and become an economic asset.
“These organizations want to use the farmer’s market to advertise their community to new residents,” said Wai. “I know a lot of communities in the area are struggling with attracting new residents. And this is an awesome way to help do that.” She and other organizers have said that helping to build markets can make them more attractive for events, such as concerts.
The discussion also focused on fostering growth in areas where there’s not as much competition, but still enough of a customer base to drive sales of local food. Through a federal grant, the awareness effort is being led by the Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture at Dakota College at Bottineau.
MINOT, ND – Trinity Health Foundation recently funded the purchase of two GE Giraffe Omnibeds for the NICU totaling close to $83,000. Omnibeds provide extremely low birth weight babies the opportunity to receive care in one bed minimizing movements which have the potential to create major complications such as brain bleeds that can lead to lifelong morbidity. The beds provide easy care access for a number of procedures and also serve as a warmer, when needed. Humidity can be added into the bed when it becomes an incubator providing a critical treatment for NICU babies. Omnibeds also include a built-in scale making weighing procedures much safer for the baby, creating less stress and handling. Though not mandated, the Omnibeds help ensure better outcomes for the extremely low birthweight babies. This Omnibeds will be used now and then moved into the new hospital facility, once complete. The department hopes to equip the new NICU with a total of 6 Omnibeds.
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