Make your KHRT “Horn of Plenty” Donations Here!
All donations are tax deductible through I-Help Inc. for the Horn of Plenty Program.  If you would like to receive a tax receipt at the end of the year make sure you include your mailing information when you make your donation.  I-Help Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Corporation.  Please click on the PayPal button to proceed with your contribution.  Thank You.

2020 is the 37th year that your help will allow the KHRT Horn of Plenty to provide help to hurting  families in a 100+ mile area by providing food, toys and a Ministry Gift that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the COVID-19 virus impacting the state of North Dakota, we are making some dramatic changes to the way we will conduct the Horn of Plenty for 2020. The need in our area could be at a all time high because of the impact this virus is having including peoples jobs, families and their health. It has left us in uncertainty for our future. So this is the time we all have to come together and take care of each other, which is what the Horn of Plenty is all about.

With COVID-19 escalating in our communities, we have decided that the KHRT Horn of Plenty will not collect physical food items this year.  Instead, we are asking area businesses and people to help us to collect toys and to help us raise the finances so that we can purchase and distribute to each family of the KHRT Horn of Plenty a “FOOD VOUCHER” that they will be able to use at any of the four Marketplace Food stores in Minot. This will eliminate the need to have a large group get together to pack up the family boxes this year thus limiting unnecessary exposure to the virus.

You can give financially as you checkout at any of the four Marketplace Food store, online here at the web site, or by sending a check to:

I Help, Inc.
PO Box 2112
Minot, ND 58702

Thank you for your generosity in reaching out with the love of Christ to those in need through the KHRT Horn of Plenty!


The deadline for submitting Family Registration Forms was Wednesday, December 2nd. Thank you for caring for others by submitting their names.

The KHRT Horn of Plenty meets not only the physical needs of people, but also the spiritual needs. We do that by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This year we have chosen:


God’s Promises For Your Every Need
No matter what your situation, God has a promise for you. Life is tough, and when you’re faced with challenges or in need of encouragement, the best place to go is to God’s Word. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to look. God’s Promises for Your Every Need topically arranges crucial scriptures for every student of the Word to seek out in the ups and downs of life.
Thanks to your generosity all of the Ministry Gifts have been placed. Thank you for blessing others through the Horn of Plenty. When you’re ready to send the money you pledged, you can give a couple of ways.
Tax-Deductible donations are made to:

I-Help, Inc.
PO Box 2112
Minot, ND 58702

of you can give online here at the web site.