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At Calvary we see God's faithfulness and our unfaithfulness come to sharpest expression. The supremely faithful, ever-trusting Son of God crucified by rebels, for rebels. Friends, look at the cross.

-Mary Wilson

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 Danny Fisher Revival Service

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Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 10:30 AM
You are invited to Prophetic Impartation services with Danny Fisher, Friday - Sunday, August 23rd - 25th at Open Gate Church, 234 14th Ave. SE ( In the Park South Apt Building). (Open Gate is a new church formed by the merging of High Grounds Christian Fellowship and Spiritual Life Church)

Danny Fisher is a Apostolic Evangelist and Revivalist who travels throughout America and the nations of the world bringing a fresh word and a fresh impartation of God's Spirit through regional conferences. His vision is to see the harvest brought into the Kingdom of God through evangelism with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. His ministry is also used to help spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of Believers to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Meeting Schedule

Fri, Aug. 23 Evening 7:00 pm

Sat, Aug 24 Evening 7:00 pm

Sun, Aug 25 Morning 10:30 am

For more information call 839-0914.
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