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As we rest in God's grace, we recognize faith as a gift for enjoying life with God.

- Paul Dunk

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2016 High School Basketball

Broadcast Schedule

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                      DECEMBER 2016    
Tue, Dec 13th (5) Our Redeemer's 65, Parshall 50 G  
Mon, Dec 19th Beulah 67, (5) Des Lacs-Burlington 61 B  
                      JANUARY 2017    
Fri, Jan 6th Des Lacs-Burlington 76, Hazen 67 B  
Sat, Jan 7th Velva-Sawyer 64, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 41 G  
Sat, Jan 7th Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 56, Velva-Sawyer 47 B  
Tue, Jan 10th Bishop Ryan 76, Velva-Sawyer 47 B  
Fri, Jan 13th Glenburn 70, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 52 G  
Fri, Jan 13th Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 84, Glenburn 65 B  
Sat, Jan 14th Des Lacs-Burlington 78, Velva-Sawyer 43 B  
Mon, Jan 16th Lewis & Clark-Berthold 52, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 37 B  
Tue, Jan 17th Stanley 50, Kenmare 46 G  
Thu, Jan 19th Lewis & Clark-Berthold 88, Glenburn 41 B  
Fri, Jan 20th Des Lacs-Burlington at Stanley B 7:05 pm
Mon, Jan 23rd Bishop Ryan at Lewis & Clark-Berthold (originally schedule 1/12) G 7:05 pm
Tue, Jan 24th Our Redeemer's at Bishop Ryan B 7:05 pm
Thu, Jan 26th Max at Garrison G 6:00 pm
Thu, Jan 26th Max at Garrison B 7:30 pm
Fri, Jan 27th Bishop Ryan at Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood B 7:05 pm
Mon, Jan 30th Westhope-Newburg at Lewis & Clark-Berthold G 7:05 pm
Tue, Jan 31st Bishop Ryan at Lewis & Clark-Berthold B 7:05 pm
                      FEBRUARY 2017    
Fri, Feb 3rd Lewis & Clark-Berthold at Our Redeemer's B 7:05 pm
Sat, Feb 4th Our Redeemer's at Velva-Sawyer G 5:30 pm
Sat, Feb 4th Our Redeemer's at Velva-Sawyer B 7:00 pm
Tue, Feb 7th Westhope-Newburg at Bishop Ryan B 7:05 pm
       District 12 Girls Tournament G  
            First Round    
Thu, Feb 9th     2:50 pm
Thu, Feb 9th     4:30 pm
Thu, Feb 9th     6:00 pm
Thu, Feb 9th     7:30 pm
            Loser Out    
Fri, Feb 10th     2:50 pm
Fri, Feb 10th     4:30 pm
Fri, Feb 10th     6:00 pm
Fri, Feb 10th     7:30 pm
            Region Qualifier    
Sat, Feb 11th     4:20 pm
Sat, Feb 11th     6:00 pm
Sat, Feb 11th     7:20 pm
Mon, Feb 13th Westhope-Newburg at Max B 7:05 pm
Tue, Feb 14th Stanley at Kenmare B 7:05 pm
Fri, Feb 17th Parshall at Our Redeemer's B 7:05 pm
       Region 6 Girls Tournament G  
            First Round    
Mon, Feb 20th     2:50 pm
Mon, Feb 20th     4:30 pm
Mon, Feb 20th     6:05 pm
Mon, Feb 20th     7:35 pm
Tue, Feb 21st     5:50 pm
Tue, Feb 21st     7:20 pm
            3rd Place    
Thu, Feb 23rd     5:50 pm
Thu, Feb 23rd     7:20 pm
       District 12 Boys Tournament B  
            First Round    
Fri, Feb 24th     2:50 pm
Fri, Feb 24th     4:30 pm
Fri, Feb 24th     6:00 pm
Fri, Feb 24th     7:30 pm
            Loser Out    
Sat, Feb 25th     2:50 pm
Sat, Feb 25th     4:30 pm
Sat, Feb 25th     6:00 pm
Sat, Feb 25th     7:30 pm
            Region Qualifier    
Mon, Feb 27th     4:20 pm
Mon, Feb 27th     6:00 pm
Mon, Feb 27th     7:30 pm
                      MARCH 2017    
       State Class B Girls Tournament - Grand Forks Alerus Center G  
Thu, Mar 2nd      
Fri, Mar 3rd      
Sat, Mar 4th      
       Region 6 Boys Tournament B  
            First Round    
Mon, Mar 6th     2:50 pm
Mon, Mar 6th     4:30 pm
Mon, Mar 6th     6:05 pm
Mon, Mar 6th     7:35 pm
Tue, Mar 7th     5:50 pm
Tue, Mar 7th     7: 20 pm
            3rd Place    
Thu, Mar 9th     5:50 pm
Thu, Mar 9th     7:20 pm
       State Class B Boys Tournament - Minot State Dome B  
Thu, Mar 16th      
Fri, Mar 17th      
Sat, Mar 18th      


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