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The deadline to submit the names of families to the KHRT Horn of Plenty is this Wednesday, Dec 2nd, by 5 pm.  For more information -click here



Greed grabs, gratitude recieves.

- Unknown


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Congratulations to the winners of a pair tickets to Norsk Hostfest tickets!

Jeff Foxworthy on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:30 pm.  Martina McBride on Friday, October 2nd at 7:30 pm.


- Gideon's Trumpet: Juria Wiechmann (Jeff Foxworthy) / John Pankratz (Martina McBride)

- Jacobsen Music: Greg Voigt (Jeff Foxworthy) / Sylvia Schlieter (Martina McBride)

- North Country Mercantile: Scott Bauer (Jeff Foxworthy) / Don Ost (Martina McBride)

- Rick's Jewelry: Ellen Mattison (Jeff Foxworthy) / Lindsey Kraft (Martina McBride)

- Grand Hotel/Primo Restaurant: Leann Alexander (Jeff Foxworthy) / Carol Picard (Martina McBride)

- Schatz Crossroads Truck Stop: Samantha Heath (Jeff Foxworthy) / Afton Basden (Martina McBride)

- B & D Market: Rose Gossen (Jeff Foxworthy) / Shannon Nybakken (Martina McBride)

- Tesoro: Dakota Square: Cami Teets (Jeff Foxworthy) / Cody Clark (Martina McBride)

- Tesoro: South Broadway: Amy Roberts (Jeff Foxworthy) / Wesley Hagen (Martina McBride)

- Farmers Union Oil Company in Berthold, Burlington, Carpio, & C-Store in Donnybrook: Linda Wehiman (Jeff Foxworthy) / Jeane Rynestad (Martina McBride)

Experience pure Scandimonium, courtesy of the Hostfest, these area businesses and KHRT Radio!!!


Contest Rules
- one winner per immediate family unit
- KHRT employees and their families are ineligible to win
- participating business employees and their families are ineligible to win
- registration deadline is end of the business day on September 22nd
- winners agree not to resell tickets



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