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Even though we no longer stream our stations online due to new music licensing requirements, we will stream our high school sports broadcasts. 



Hearts are united when they ache and break together.

- Jack Hyles

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Congratulations to the winners of The Great Medora Ticket Giveaway! 

Each of the following people have won a package that includes two tickets for lower level seating at the Medora Musical, two tickets to the famous Pitchfork Steak Fondue and two tickets to the brand new Gospel Brunch.



- B&B Northwest Pharmacy - Lakenna Martinez
- Dakota Pawnbrokers - Michelle Carter
- Dakota Square Tesoro - Rueben Buechler
- Nite Train Pizza - Barbara Bauer
- Pet Parade - Robin Lenton
- Rick's Jewelry - Nancy Lockrem
- Schatz Crossroads Truckstop - Ashley Wiedemer
- The Club Outlet on South Broadway - Judy Hanson

- Farmers Union Oil of Berthold - Kevin Dunn


- Farmers Union Oil of Berthold - Thomas Velazaret

- Farmers Union Oil of Berthold - David Carico

- Farmers Union Oil of Berthold - Larry Knutson

- Prairie Ford - Carmen Ruud

- Springan Furniture - Julie Heidbreder

Thanks for participating in our contest!  A big thank you to each of these businesses and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation for their partnership in The Great Medora Ticket Giveaway!



Contest Rules
- one winner per immediate family unit
- KHRT employees and their families are ineligible to win
- participating business employees and their families are ineligible to win
- registration deadline is end of the business day on Wednesday, July 12th
- winner agrees not to resell tickets



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