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 Minot Fire Hydrant Testing

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM
The Minot Fire Department will begin testing fire hydrants starting on Tuesday, July 1st. The program will consist of the inspection and flowing of fire hydrants in the City of Minot. National fire standards recommend that this program be done to check for proper operations of fire hydrants along with insuring an adequate water supply to fight fires. These flow tests will be done only on Tuesday mornings (8:30am-12:00pm) from July 1 through October.

Most fire hydrants do not get used regularly. The program goals are to identify problems and have them corrected by the Water Department, ultimately saving the fire department valuable time during a fire. Some of the more common problems found have been hydrant valves that don't operate, caps that don't come off, inadequate water pressure or possible broken lines.

Why should you be notified of this program?

When fire hydrants are flowed, iron deposits in the water lines get stirred up. This can cause a brown discoloration to the water in that area. This condition is only temporary and will correct itself in a number of hours. So on Tuesdays, we recommend that you flow your cold water to determine if there is any discoloration, before using it. While the water is still safe to drink and cook with, we recommend NOT washing any white clothes on Tuesday mornings, but if you do be sure and check your water first before doing so.

What to do?

If your water is discolored, it will clear up on its own under normal usage over a period of time. Run your cold water to check to see if it's cleared up. (It is also best to limit the use of your hot water until it's clear, as this will keep the iron deposits from going into your hot water heater.)
The long-term benefits of this program for the City of Minot:

1) Knowing that your fire hydrant has been tested and is in good operational condition if the
fire department would ever need it.

2) Annual flows will reduce and ultimately remove the iron deposits in our water lines.

3) Improve the overall quality of our water system.

There will be at least three different fire crews doing these tests on Tuesday mornings, again starting in July and going until October. Because of problems they might run into while doing these tests, we may be moving to different areas of town daily. All residents in or around the testing areas should check the clarity of their water on Tuesdays prior to washing laundry.

The Minot Daily News will release the locations of the areas being flowed each week and they will also be listed on the City of Minot web site:

If you have any questions, please contact the Minot Water Department at 857-4150 or the Minot Fire Department at 857-4740.

Battalion Chief Dean Lenertz, Minot Fire Department
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