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Religion, for most people, is like a ladder. It's just a big scary upward journey to a god that may or may not accept you when you arrive - depending on what you've got in your toolbelt. When you reach the top, you cross your fingers and hope the life you lived was awesome so you spend eternity blessed.  God kicked the ladder out. God was faithful to us in Christ and therefore we live by faith to His glory.  The temptation for the church throughout history has been to set the ladder back up out of guilt, and try to earn the grace that God freely gave.

- Paul Dunk

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Friday, October 18, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18th 6:30PM - 8:30PM
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19th 8:30AM - 2:00PM (Breakfast and light lunch included)
Hosted by: Our Redeemers Lutheran Brethren Church | 700 16th Ave SE, Minot, ND
Registration: Please call 838-0750.
Fee: Bring one new item that a woman could use. All items will be donated to Minot Domestic Violence

Speakers: Jamie & Pat Sorum Rapid City, SD

Jamie is 29 years old and is battling Huntington's Chorea. She will tell us about her struggles through her life and how God is working through the difficult times.

Pat Pat is Jamie's mom. She holds a MA In Psychology and Counseling and currently works for LOVE, Inc. She was a licensed Minister with the Assembly of God for 10 years.

Speaker: Sally May Minot, ND

Interruptions...Cancer and suicide yet she lives with hope.
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