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Here is Christian identity: I know my past, where I came from. I came from God. I know what went wrong. I tried to play God instead of being satisfied to be a real man. I know my future. My destiny is Christ. And I know the present. I can face myself now—my problems, my hang-ups, my assets, my faults—because I have turned myself over to God.

- Leighton Ford


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The boyfriend of slain Fargo woman Savanna Greywind has been granted custody of the couple's infant daughter....

     FARGO, N.D. (AP) - The boyfriend of slain Fargo woman Savanna Greywind has been granted custody of the couple's infant daughter.
     Ashton Matheny told KVRR-TV after a closed court hearing Tuesday that the proceedings were emotional and he was excited about the judge's decision. He said he looks forward to sharing her life with Greywind's parents. The family issued a statement say they are "enjoying a wonderful shared relationship" caring for the child.
     Greywind's body was found in the Red River, a few days after her newborn child was found in the apartment of two people charged in the case. Matheny said DNA tests last week confirmed that he and Greywind were parents of the child.
     Brooke Crews and her boyfriend William Hoehn are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.


    FARGO, N.D. (PNS) - September is National Recovery Month, and health professionals are focusing on the power of families and communities for people on the road to recovery.

    More than 50,000 North Dakotans suffered from Substance Abuse Disorder at some point in 2014, according to the most recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Megan Busch, a counselor in Jamestown and president of North Dakota Addiction Counselors Association, said the opioid epidemic has made the issue worse.

    She said it can be hard to support a person suffering from addiction.

    "The behaviors that they put into the home and put onto their family members is intense, and we consider addiction to be a family disorder because not only is that individual sickening themselves, typically the family is becoming sick as well," Busch said. "And so, when we get that client in and we can help them recover, we also want to help the family recover."

    Busch suggested that anyone suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol speak with a counselor. She said mental illness often plays a big role in addiction as well. About 21.5 million Americans age 12 and older were classified with substance dependence or abuse in 2014.

    Busch said the stigma associated with addiction is a barrier to recovery, but it should be looked at like any other disease or disorder.

    "A lot of them still suffer because of the stigma and, 'I don't want to go somewhere and say I'm an alcoholic and have people look down on me for that,'" she said. "And so I think if we can improve our communities and make recovery more of a positive, awesome thing, people will be more attracted to that."

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration began marking National Recovery Month 17 years ago. Folks can go to to find out more about treatment for substance and alcohol abuse.


    BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum has announced the recipients of the 2017 Governor's Awards for Excellence in Public Service, recognizing team members for the positive impact they have made for North Dakota citizens.

    "We deeply appreciate the commitment and dedication of our team members who work hard every day to deliver high-quality services to North Dakotans as part of our relentless pursuit of exceptional," Burgum said. "It's with great pleasure and gratitude that we recognize these individuals for their outstanding work, commitment to continuous improvement and superb service to our state and its citizens."

    A record number of nearly 300 submissions were received this year. The awards were presented during a luncheon Monday at the Capitol to kick off State Employee Recognition Week. The awards and winners are:

    Heritage Award for Customer Service: Jeff McKinnon, Administrative Supervisor for Addiction Services with the Southeast Human Service Center, Department of Human Services, for his work as a tireless advocate for access to substance use disorder services and creating and implementing programs and training that address emerging trends.

    Telegraph Award for Excellence in Technology: Cliff Heyne, ND Online Program Manager, Enterprise Services Division of the Information Technology Department, for his leadership in launching the website and a new ND Online program to advance citizen engagement and digital government.

    Pioneer Award for Excellence in Innovation: John Nowatzki, Extension Specialist, NDSU Extension, for his cutting-edge work in precision agriculture technology, including putting North Dakota at the forefront of farm applications for unmanned aerial vehicles.

    Zezula Award - "One Who Helps": Colleen "Kelly" Weiand, Veterans Specialist with the ND National Guard, for her strong commitment to connecting veterans and their families with services in a 27-county area, making more than 7,600 contacts across the state since 2013.

    Zezula Award - "One Who Helps": Ben Ehreth, Planning Asset Management team, Department of Transportation, for his work in public engagement, strategic planning and making data-driven decisions about infrastructure that will help create healthy, vibrant communities.

    Landmark Award for Excellence in Management: John Axtman, Williston District Supervisor with the Department of Mineral Resources' Oil and Gas Division, for creating a learning environment and ensuring team members are at the forefront of regulation in the U.S., benefiting all North Dakotans.

    Frontier Award for Excellence in Continuous Learning: Dr. Lisa Peterson, Clinical Director, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, for increasing understanding of incarceration impacts and sharing knowledge to innovate new programs to address behavioral health.

    Harvest Award for Excellence in Quality: Karlene Fine, Executive Director of the state Industrial Commission, for her wealth of institutional knowledge and integral role in coordinating and facilitating virtually every Commission function with the expertise of 40-plus years of service.

    Roaming Bison Award (Team): Unified Command - the cross-cutting team represented by North Dakota National Guard Adjutant General Alan Dohrmann, Highway Patrol Col. Michael Gerhardt Jr. and Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier - for their work coordinating the complex response efforts and identifying solutions to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and this year's drought and wildfire disaster, using a whole-of-government approach.



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