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The Souris River Joint Board (SRJB) opened bids Wednesday for the construction of Phases MI-2 and MI-3 of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project.....

    MINOT, N.D. - The Souris River Joint Board (SRJB) opened bids Wednesday for the construction of Phases MI-2 and MI-3 of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project. This phase of the project spans from the US Highway 83 Bypass to 3rd Avenue Southwest on the north bank of the Mouse River. It consists of approximately 9,000 linear feet of earthen levees, a roadway closure structure at 16th Street Southwest across the river from the water treatment plant, and a large stormwater pump station located near Perkett Elementary School. The engineer's estimate of the construction cost was $41.6 million.

    Bids for the project were received from nine construction contractors for various aspects of the work. The apparent low bid was received from Wagner Construction for $35.7 million.

    Over the next few weeks, the SRJB will be reviewing the bids received and conferring with state and local funding agencies, including the City of Minot. Funding for construction of the project has been secured through the State of North Dakota, which will provide funding for 65 percent of the construction cost. The balance of the construction cost will be covered through sales tax proceeds being collected by the City of Minot.

    The SRJB anticipates awarding a contract for construction of these phases of the project prior to the end of this year.


    MINOT, N.D. - As a result of legal concerns, the Souris River Joint Board (SRJB) will re-bid the first phase of flood protection under the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project.
    On October 25th, the Joint Board received a low general bid and a low combined bid from different contractors. The Joint Board did not receive a mechanical bid. Because state law does not allow the low combined bidder to obtain the contract unless the low combined bid is less than the sum of the total separate bids, there was no definitive bidder.
    As a result, the Fourth Avenue Floodwall phase of flood protection will be re-bid in November and another round of bids are scheduled to be opened on Wednesday, November 29th at 11 a.m. at Minot City Hall.  The SRJB is optimistic that by rebidding immediately very competitive bids will be received once again.
    The Phase 1 - Fourth Avenue Floodwall Project includes levees, floodwalls, a major pump station, and a pedestrian opening to the river. It spans from just west of Broadway to the east side of Third Street NE, on the north side of the river - covering approximately six blocks of flood protection. No start date on construction has been set, as the design engineers expect the project to take between 2.5 and 3 years to construct.

    BURNSVILLE, MN - Better Business Bureau® of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is aware of recent reports about companies claiming to sell ad space in community guides - advertising that's displayed in local eateries and often lists high school sports schedules - under the pretense they're working in conjunction with an area school or booster group. However, there have been many instances where business owners later discover they were dealing with out of state firms which had no local affiliation. In some cases, after collecting payments upfront, these out of state companies failed to uphold their end of agreements.

    "This kind of scheme can be doubly disappointing to business owners," said Susan Adams Loyd, President and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. "First, the business doesn't receive the advertising they paid for. Second, the parties they thought would benefit from their ad buy - local schools or organizations - don't get a cent because there is no partnership."

    Suspect offers such as these generally take this route: business owners receive calls or a visit from someone claiming they're putting together a community guide and offering advertising space to local businesses. Often, business owners assume they're dealing with their local newspaper (callers and representatives may even insinuate they're with the local paper). Another angle it takes is when sales representatives claim proceeds from the guides will benefit local high school teams or community organizations.

    BBB urges business owners to do their research to avoid falling victim to community guide schemes. It's always good to know exactly who you're dealing with; gather as much information as possible before entering into an agreement. Business owners can do this by:

    - Researching companies for free at Go over their BBB Business Profile and customer reviews offered through BBB and other websites.

    - Asking for references from other businesses the company has worked with recently - and following up on them. Also, inquire about refund policies if the community guide doesn't ultimately go forward.

    - Getting everything in writing and making sure a production timetable as well as a distribution list are included in the agreement. Check with distributors (usually restaurants or coffee shops) of the community guide or advertising piece to ensure they're aware of the business and have a working relationship with them.

    - Verifying the connection if an affiliation with a school, local newspaper, Chamber of Commerce or booster group is claimed.

    - Paying with a credit card. This will give you an opportunity to dispute charges if the company fails to follow through. Make sure you're clear on the dispute window offered through your credit card provider. Many credit card companies give cardholders 60 days to dispute a charge.

    - Also be sure to also ask how many guides/schedules will be printed and when and where they'll be distributed. Follow up with distributors to ensure your advertisement was delivered as promised.


     BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - North Dakota could see its first accumulating snow of the season this weekend. The National Weather Service's state forecast says snow is likely Friday evening through Saturday. And there's a chance of more snow Sunday. Meteorologist Ken Simosko tells KQDJ radio that a few inches are expected. Simosko says below-normal temperatures also are expected through much of next week, with highs only in the upper 20s and lower 30s.


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