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A second lawsuit has been filed in federal court challenging North Dakota's ban on gay marriage....

     FARGO, N.D. (AP) - A second lawsuit has been filed in federal court challenging North Dakota's ban on gay marriage.  The 33-page complaint filed by Jan Jorgensen and Cindy Phillips, who live in Fargo and were legally married in Minnesota, says the same-sex couple is treated as "legal strangers" in their home state.
     Cases are currently pending in all 31 states with gay marriage bans. Last week, seven same-sex couples filed a complaint to make North Dakota the last state to challenge the same-sex marriage ban.
     Jorgensen and Phillips are represented by the national gay rights group Lambda Legal. Attorney Kyle Palazzolo says the same-sex couple approached Lambda about legal action because of the gay marriage momentum around the country.
     A spokeswoman with the North Dakota attorney general's office did not respond to a request for comment.


     MANDAN, N.D. (AP) - Police in Mandan say a 22-year-old man accused of driving under the influence has been arrested after he drove his truck into the Missouri River.  KXMB-TV reports police responded to the scene after receiving a report of a loud crash near a Mandan bar that overlooks the river. The caller reported seeing people swimming in the bay and a possible boating accident. Officers found three men walking away from the scene.
     Police say the driver missed a turn and drove the truck airborne into Borden Harbor. Two passengers were in the Ford F-350. The three men suffered minor injuries.

     ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota prosecutor has cleared a Douglas County sheriff's deputy involved in a February shootout with two suspects who later died in a murder-suicide.  Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson said Wednesday that Deputy Dustin Alexander's use of force was "clearly justified."
     Alexander was shot in the chest while checking a suspicious vehicle near Alexandria on Feb. 24. The deputy was wearing a bullet-resistant vest and returned fire.
     The man who shot the deputy, 24-year-old Devin Blowers, and Blowers' 29-year-old girlfriend, Katie Christopherson, both of Fargo, were later found dead. Authorities concluded Blowers shot and killed Christopherson, then shot himself.
     The county attorney says there's no evidence the deputy injured either suspect. Toxicology tests found both suspects were under the influence of methamphetamine.
     Alexander returned to full duty in March.

     BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - The Bismarck Municipal Airport will receive a $472,000 federal grant to rehabilitate one of its runways.  The Federal Aviation Administration awarded the grant.  The airport has seen an increase in passenger boarding of about 70 percent during the last decade.  U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer say airport improvements help boost the state's economy.


     WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) - Williston's mayor-elect Howard Klug says he was surprised by his margin of victory on Tuesday. Klug defeated Marcus Jundt with 76 percent of the vote in a race seen as a contest between old and new visions of Williston. The mayoral election saw nearly twice as many voters as the last contest in 2010.

     VALLEY CITY, N.D. (AP) - A southeastern North Dakota mayor who survived a recall election two years ago has held off another challenge.  Voters in Valley City on Tuesday gave Bob Werkhoven another four years in the race against Jeff Edwards. Werkhoven received 721 votes, to 581 for Edwards.  Werkhoven won the 2012 recall election with 57 percent of the vote.
     The special election stemmed from political turmoil that included the departure of police chief Dean Ross amid allegations he mishandled public money. The city dropped those allegations, and Ross ran for Werkhoven's seat.
     The mayor had his detractors this time, as well. Werkhoven tells KOVC radio that he will maintain his professionalism despite opposition from three city commissioners during the campaign.

     COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - The Western Governors' Association has selected Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval as its new chairman.  Member governors unanimously selected Sandoval Wednesday, the last day of a three-day annual conference in Colorado Springs. The conference has included discussions on dealing with wildfires, drought, and energy development in the West.
     Sandoval had been serving as co-chair of the group. He is replacing Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper as chair.  Oregon Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber will be co-chair of the group.  Ten Western governors attended the conference.


     TIOGA, N.D. (AP) - The oil fields of North Dakota are producing a rare jobs bonanza in American archaeology, a field in which many highly educated professionals hop from project to project around the world and struggle to make a living.
     Before it can be developed, land often has to undergo an archaeological survey to determine if it contains any buried historical treasures. The work involves looking for artifacts or other evidence of human habitation.
     If significant discoveries emerge, most oil companies will change their plans to avoid the hassle of drilling in a sensitive area.
     The jobs also come with a constant tension: Archaeologists are trained to find evidence of the past, but the companies that pay them would prefer not to turn up anything that gets in the way of profits.


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