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Warm, dry conditions across the state allowed producers to make significant harvest progress......

    FARGO, N.D. - For the week ending October 22nd, warm, dry conditions across the state allowed producers to make significant harvest progress, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

    A small area in central North Dakota did receive some moisture, but not enough to slow down harvest or other fall activities.

    Livestock producers were busy marketing spring calves and preparing to wean calves for backgrounding. Temperatures across the State were warmer, averaging six to twelve degrees above normal.

    There were 6.7 days suitable for fieldwork.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 11 percent very short, 29 short, 57 adequate, and 3 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 13 percent very short, 30 short, 55 adequate, and 2 surplus.

    Field Crops Report

    Corn condition rated 5 percent very poor, 10 poor, 26 fair, 51 good, and 8 excellent. Corn mature was 93 percent, near 97 last year and 96 for the five-year average. Harvested was 17 percent, behind 36 last year, and well behind 43 average.

    Soybeans harvested was 89 percent, near 93 last year and 87 average.

    Winter wheat condition rated 18 percent very poor, 17 poor, 36 fair, 28 good, and 1 excellent. Winter wheat planted was 91 percent, near 94 last year. Emerged was 78 percent, behind 86 last year.

    Sunflowers condition rated 7 percent very poor, 13 poor, 39 fair, 39 good, and 2 excellent. Sunflower bracts turning brown was 98 percent, near 97 last year. Harvested was 32 percent, near 36 last year, and behind 37 average.

    Dry edible beans harvested was 98 percent, ahead of 92 last year.

    Potatoes harvested was 98 percent, ahead of 88 last year.

    Sugarbeets harvested was 95 percent, near 94 last year and 92 average.

    Pasture and Range Report

    Pasture and range conditions rated 26 percent very poor, 28 poor, 31 fair, 15 good, and 0 excellent.

    Stock water supplies rated 18 percent very short, 34 short, 48 adequate, and 0 surplus.


    FARGO, N.D. - Milk production in North Dakota during the July-September 2017 quarter totaled 88.0 million pounds, up 1 percent from the July-September quarter last year, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The average number of milk cows was 16,000 head, unchanged from the same period last year.


    FARGO, ND - The North Dakota Grain Dealers Educational Foundation has announced the names of its scholarship winners for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Eight students will receive $1,000 scholarships.   

    Award winners, hometowns, colleges and curriculums in which the students are enrolled are as follows:

Bismarck State College
Kenzie Volochenko, Balfour, ND in Agriculture Industry & Technology

Dickinson State University
Trey Fischbach, Moorcroft, WY in Agricultural Studies

North Dakota State College of Science at Wahpeton
Kendra Klosterman, Mooreton, ND in Agriculture Transfer

North Dakota State University at Fargo
Mackenzie Derry, Thompson, ND in Crop & Weed Sciences
Cody Durbin, Crary, ND in Crop & Weed Sciences
MaKayla Heinz, Brocket, ND in Crop & Weed Sciences
Molly Holt, Ralph, SD in Crop & Weed Sciences
Jakob Schmid, Oberon, ND in Agriculture Economics

    The Foundation awarded a grant of $750 to the Agriculture Department at NDSCS for the purchase of sound equipment for teaching stations for three classrooms and $750 to the School of Natural Resource Sciences at NDSU for the purchase of soil fertility test kit for soil analysis in the classroom.

    Steve Hepper was elected President of the Educational Foundation. Steve is the Grain Merchandiser at Hubbard Feeds, Inc. of Bismarck, ND and Director of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association.  Elected as Vice President was Joe Peterson, Operations Manager at CHS-SunPrairie in Bowbells, ND and Director of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association. Re-elected as Directors were: Alex Richard, Grain Division Manager at Maple River Grain & Agronomy and Director of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association; Elton Solseng, retired Instructor, Agricultural Systems Management at NDSU; Steve Strege retired Executive Vice President of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association and Kenan Layden, Ag Instructor, Bismarck State College.  Stuart Letcher and Cheryal Welle both of Fargo, serve as Executive Vice President and Executive Assistant respectively.  They each hold the same offices with the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association.

    The Foundation was incorporated in 1980 by the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association to promote agribusiness education in North Dakota.  Primary emphasis is on students entering the grain marketing industry or other agribusiness.  The Foundation has awarded over $220,000 in scholarships and instructional aid grants over thirty-seven academic years.

    Students interested in obtaining more information or applications for next year's awards should contact the Foundation office at 1325 23rd Street South Suite A, Fargo, ND 58103-3723.



   (Copyright 2017 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)


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