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Our Spirit-filled walk doesn't make us sons, the Holy Spirit does. And "sonship" is the root of freedom.

- Daniel Bush

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Drought conditions continued to add stress to crops and livestock.....

    FARGO, N.D. - For the week ending July 30th, drought conditions continued to add stress to crops and livestock, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

    Some areas in the western part of the state received over an inch of rain late in the week, however drought conditions persisted.

    Some livestock producers have sold cattle because of poor pasture conditions and a lack of hay supplies.

    Temperatures across the state averaged two to six degrees above normal.

    There were 6.8 days suitable for fieldwork.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 36 percent very short, 37 short, 26 adequate, and 1 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 29 percent very short, 37 short, 33 adequate, and 1 surplus.

    Field Crops Report

    Corn condition rated 9 percent very poor, 16 poor, 36 fair, 36 good, and 3 excellent. Corn silking was 63 percent, near 66 last year, and behind 68 for the five-year average. Dough was 3 percent, near 2 last year and 6 average.

    Soybean condition rated 8 percent very poor, 16 poor, 42 fair, 33 good, and 1 excellent. Soybeans blooming was 79 percent, behind 90 last year and 88 average. Setting pods was 49 percent, behind 57 both last year and average.

    Winter wheat condition rated 23 percent very poor, 25 poor, 26 fair, 26 good, and 0 excellent. Winter wheat coloring was 97 percent, near 95 last year. Mature was 79 percent. Harvested was 32 percent, near 36 last year.

    Spring wheat condition rated 22 percent very poor, 22 poor, 27 fair, 25 good, and 4 excellent. Spring wheat coloring was 78 percent, behind 84 last year, but ahead of 67 average. Harvested was 5 percent, near 3 last year and 7 average.

    Barley condition rated 13 percent very poor, 16 poor, 34 fair, 34 good, and 3 excellent. Barley coloring was 88 percent, behind 95 last year, but ahead of 74 average. Mature was 57 percent. Harvested was 9 percent, behind 14 last year and near 10 average.

    Oats condition rated 25 percent very poor, 28 poor, 31 fair, 15 good, and 1 excellent. Oats coloring was 86 percent, near 87 last year, but ahead of 71 average. Mature was 55 percent. Harvested was 9 percent, well behind 30 last year, and behind 14 average.

    Sunflowers condition rated 18 percent very poor, 26 poor, 38 fair, 17 good, and 1 excellent. Sunflowers blooming was 34 percent, well behind 54 last year, but equal to average.

    Dry edible beans condition rated 7 percent very poor, 16 poor, 27 fair, 44 good, and 6 excellent. Dry edible beans blooming was 91 percent, near 90 last year, and ahead of 82 average. Setting pods was 50 percent, behind 63 last year and near 51 average.

    Durum wheat condition rated 16 percent very poor, 24 poor, 46 fair, 14 good, and 0 excellent. Durum wheat headed was 95 percent. Coloring was 63 percent, near 60 last year, and ahead of 47 average.

    Canola condition rated 15 percent very poor, 23 poor, 29 fair, 32 good, and 1 excellent. Canola coloring was 52 percent, behind 60 last year, but near 49 average.

    Flaxseed condition rated 27 percent very poor, 30 poor, 33 fair, 10 good, and 0 excellent. Flaxseed blooming was 95 percent. Coloring was 38 percent, behind 46 last year, but ahead of 31 average.

    Dry edible peas condition rated 20 percent very poor, 28 poor, 39 fair, 12 good, and 1 excellent. Dry edible peas dropping leaves was 79 percent, ahead of 72 last year. Harvested was 26 percent, ahead of 18 last year.

    Potato condition rated 3 percent very poor, 12 poor, 24 fair, 49 good, and 12 excellent. Potatoes blooming was 94 percent. Rows closed was 77 percent, near 76 last year, and ahead of 65 average.

    Alfalfa condition rated 43 percent very poor, 29 poor, 23 fair, 5 good, and 0 excellent. Alfalfa second cutting was 50 percent, near 52 last year, but ahead of 40 average.

    Sugarbeets condition rated 0 percent very poor, 0 poor, 8 fair, 44 good, and 48 excellent.

    Pasture and Range Report

    Pasture and range conditions rated 46 percent very poor, 32 poor, 17 fair, 5 good, and 0 excellent.

    Stock water supplies rated 27 percent very short, 39 short, 34 adequate, and 0 surplus.


     JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) - The North Dakota Farmers Union is investing $500,000 in a soybean processing plant to be built at Spiritwood. Minnesota Soybean Processors is spearheading the $240 million project on 150 acres in eastern North Dakota. The plant is to process 125,000 bushels of soybeans per day into oil, meal and fuel.
     North Dakota Farmers Union President Mark Watne says having a large soybean processing facility in North Dakota will give farmers another market and add value to the state's soybean crop.
     Minnesota Soybean Processors last month announced it was investing $60 million in the plant and will serve as majority investor and managing member. More investments are being sought.

     LITTLE FALLS, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl tight end Kyle Rudolph recently spent some time up close with dairy cows at a central Minnesota farm in preparation for the Farm Bowl.  The St. Cloud Times reports that the Feb. 1 event at the University of Minnesota will have current and former NFL players face off against Land O'Lakes farmers in farm-themed challenges.
     The Farm Bowl is a Land O'Lakes promotional event tied to the Super Bowl.
     Rudolph spent an afternoon learning about modern farming technologies at Ron Miller's Enchanted Dairy in Little Falls. He says he visited the farm in order to prepare for the Farm Bowl.  He was joined by former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings and Jason Brown.
     Super Bowl LII will be held Feb. 4 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.



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