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The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) and the North Dakota Agriculture Association (NDAA) will be hosting a series of fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia safety training sessions across the state....

    BISMARCK, N.D (NDDA) - The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) and the North Dakota Agriculture Association (NDAA) will be hosting a series of fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia safety training sessions across the state.

    "Annual documented safety training is required for any person handling, transferring, transporting or otherwise working with anhydrous ammonia at storage facilities," said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. "These training sessions will meet the requirements of the state and attendees will be issued a certificate of completion."

    Training sessions will include presentations on the chemical properties and health hazards of anhydrous ammonia; facility and nurse tank care, inspection, and maintenance; and regulatory updates to name a few topics.

    The training sessions are as follows:

March 20 Cooperstown - Downtown Sheyenne Tooling Bldg. 2:30 p.m.

March 21 Wishek - American Legion 10 a.m.
March 21 Milnor - MAC Activity Center 2:30 p.m.

March 22 Mott - KC Club - Downtown Main 2:30 p.m.

March 27 Underwood - City Hall 10 a.m.
March 27 Stanley - Mountain Complex Extension 2:30 p.m.

March 28 Rugby - Dakota Farms Restaurant 10 a.m.
March 28 Park River - American Legion Hall 2:30 p.m.

    For more information about the training requirements, please contact Eric Delzer, NDDA Fertilizer Program Manager at 701-328-1508.

    To register, please contact the North Dakota Agriculture Association at 701-282-9432 or

    FARGO, N.D. - For the month of February 2017, thawing conditions helped settle the snow, making it easier to access feed supplies, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Temperatures averaged six degrees above normal.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 1 percent very short, 4 short, 71 adequate, and 24 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 1 percent very short, 7 short, 77 adequate, and 15 surplus.

    Field Crops Report
    Winter wheat condition rated 4 percent very poor, 1 poor, 14 fair, 76 good, and 5 excellent.

    Livestock Report
    Cattle and calf conditions rated 1 percent very poor, 3 poor, 21 fair, 69 good, and 6 excellent. Cattle and calf death loss rated 2 percent heavy, 66 average, and 32 light. Calving progress was 10 percent complete.

    Sheep and lamb conditions rated 1 percent very poor, 3 poor, 22 fair, 68 good, and 6 excellent. Sheep and lamb death loss rated 3 percent heavy, 58 average, and 39 light. Lambing progress was at 20 percent complete.

    Hay and roughage supplies rated 4 percent very short, 16 short, 78 adequate, and 2 surplus.

    Stock water supplies rated 1 percent very short, 5 short, 87 adequate, and 7 surplus.
    BISMARCK, ND - North Dakota producers Myron Blumhagen and Mike Gartner were honored at the North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association's 65th annual conference in Bismarck.

    Blumhagen, of Drake, received the Distinguished Service Award for making significant contributions to agriculture at the local, county, state and regional level.

    He grows spring wheat, peas, soybeans, canola, alfalfa, lentils, chickpeas and flax. He also is president of the McHenry County Township Officers Association; a member of the North Central Research Extension Center Board of Visitors, McHenry County Ag Improvement Association, Drake Rural Fire District and McHenry County Water Resource District; a Spring Grove Township supervisor; and a delegate to the North Dakota Farmers Union convention.

    When not busy on his own farm, Blumhagen enjoys helping other farmers, hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife, Mary, and their sons, Eric and Ryan.

    Gartner received the Premier Seed Grower Award for his significant contributions to the certified seed industry.

    Gartner, of Mandan, owns Gartner Seed Farm and is known for his oat expertise. He has produced certified seed for more than 25 years and grows wheat, barley, oats, peas and durum.

    He has provided seed for local and state exhibitions. He also has been active in many organizations, including the Morton County Farm Bureau, Morton County Crop Improvement Association, North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association, Northern Great Plains Research Station Focus Group and Morton County Rural Fire Department.

    Nominations are being sought for the Distinguished Service and Premier Seed Grower awards for 2018. A nomination form is available online at, or contact Toni at 701-231-8067 to nominate someone for these awards.


    FARGO, ND - The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) awarded the Good Steward Recognition award to Joe Breker from Havana, North Dakota, during Commodity Classic on March 3 in San Antonio, Texas.

    Joe Breker says learning and adopting conservation practices isn't a decision so much as it is an ever evolving process and a life-long commitment. After nearly four decades of trying to farm better and more sustainably he is still learning and teaching others on his farm in Havana, ND.

    The Breker family has been farming the land here since the late 1800's, and it is his dedication to keeping the land productive into the future that earned Joe Breker recognition from NCGA for Good Stewardship during the recent 2017 Commodity Classic convention and trade show. For more information and a video about Breker and the award, go to

    Breker is the fourth honoree in NCGA's Good Steward Recognition Program which began in 2014. The program funding was provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation as part of their Harvesting the Potential campaign to raise awareness among U.S. farmers of the importance of conservation agriculture.

    "This program is about expanding awareness of the best management practices in sustainable corn production. This award recognizes the special efforts of those who demonstrate the economic and conservation value of soil management," said Carson Klosterman, president of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA) and member of the NCGA Stewardship Action Team. "Joe's investment of time, money and energy over his farming career is staggering, and not just to farm smarter but to share what he has learned with others in such an unselfish way. It's NDCGA's privilege to recognize Joe's many contributions by nominating him for this award."

    Practices employed explores new ways by Breker include no-till (37 years), strip till (27 years), cover crops (17 years), tiling (12 years), and rotational grazing including cover crops. Breker is involved in an expansive manure management program that utilizes manure from a large nearby dairy which he composts and then uses to provide fertility and build organic matter in his fields. He is a founding member of several conservation groups in North Dakota including the Conservation Cropping System Project located in Forman, ND that does long term no-till rotation studies and explore new ways to use cover crops.

    "In 2011 we made our largest single investment in our farming career by building a family and investor owned lodge in the middle of a scenic pasture on our farm. It took two years to build Coteau des Prairies Lodge. In less than four years of operation we have hosted people from more than 20 countries and most of the 50 states," Breker said. "Our favorite thing to do is engage these groups in conservation agriculture discussion and tours so they understand all the positive changes taking place in farming."

    The North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA) is the farmer-led organization focusing on policy that impacts North Dakota corn producers. The NDCGA consists of 14 growers from 7 districts along with 4 at-large directors. NDCGA works to grow a healthy, profitable business climate for northern corn.


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