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At Calvary we see God's faithfulness and our unfaithfulness come to sharpest expression. The supremely faithful, ever-trusting Son of God crucified by rebels, for rebels. Friends, look at the cross.

-Mary Wilson

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For the month of January 2017, continued snow and ice across much of the state caused hardships for livestock producers....

    FARGO, N.D. - For the month of January 2017, continued snow and ice across much of the state caused hardships for livestock producers, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Warmer conditions in the east caused snow to melt, which minimized blowing and reduced the need for snow removal. Temperatures averaged two degrees above normal in the eastern half of the state to four to six degrees below normal across much of western North Dakota.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 2 percent very short, 4 short, 75 adequate, and 19 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 3 percent very short, 7 short, 78 adequate, and 12 surplus.

    Field Crops Report
    Winter wheat condition rated 4 percent very poor, 2 poor, 12 fair, 77 good, and 5 excellent.

    Livestock Report
    Cattle and calf conditions rated 1 percent very poor, 3 poor, 23 fair, 67 good, and 6 excellent. Cattle and calf death loss rated 3 percent heavy, 70 average, and 27 light. Calving progress was 1 percent complete.

    Sheep and lamb conditions rated 1 percent very poor, 4 poor, 24 fair, 65 good, and 6 excellent. Sheep and lamb death loss rated 2 percent heavy, 62 average, and 36 light. Lambing progress was at 3 percent complete.

    Hay and roughage supplies rated 3 percent very short, 15 short, 79 adequate, and 3 surplus.

    Stock water supplies rated 1 percent very short, 10 short, 84 adequate, and 5 surplus


    FARGO, ND - The 2017 Advanced Crop Advisers Workshop is scheduled for Feb. 28 and March 1 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. The workshop is designed to provide in-depth discussion on selected topics to help agricultural professionals enhance their crop production recommendations to farmers. The North Dakota State University Extension Service and University of Minnesota Extension are organizing and conducting the workshop.

Educational sessions on Feb. 28 are:

    * 2017 outlook for farm profitability and the agricultural lien's impact on the agronomy business

    * Herbicide and weed control considerations with cover crops

    * Successful no-till systems in high-clay soils

    * Plant diseases and insects

    * Utilizing an Iowa experience to assist North Dakotan producers with managing herbicide-resistant weeds

    Also, the presentation "NDSU Football - Ag Influence" will be given during

March 1 educational sessions are:

    * Pesticide and plant trait labeling

    * Use of nonherbicide-tolerant crops in long-term weed management

    * Neonicotinoid insecticides: Balancing pollinator protection and insect

    * Insight on corn silage hybrids and salt-tolerant alfalfa varieties

    * Mining field data to discover increased crop value

    Preregistration is required by Feb. 20. The workshop fee is $140, or $75 if attending only one day. The fee includes three meals, refreshment breaks and reference materials.

    The workshop is limited to 150 people. Preregistrations will be accepted on a first-come basis. Walk-in registrations during the workshop will not be accepted.

    Certified crop advisers will have the opportunity to receive 11 continuing education units.

    A brochure with workshop details, including a preregistration form, is at Electronic preregistration and credit card payment can be made at

    For more information, contact Greg Endres, NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center, at 701-652-2951 or Phillip Glogoza, University of Minnesota Extension in Moorhead, at 218-236-2008.



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