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     FARGO, N.D. (AP) - Dry weather helped North Dakota farmers over the past week, but a shortage of propane and storage space has slowed the corn harvest.  The National Agricultural Statistics Service says farmers are waiting for high-moisture corn to dry in the field because of propane shortages and the lack of available storage.  And it says some grain elevators have been limiting the bushels of corn that can be delivered based on the amount that could be dried every day.
     The U.S. Department of Agriculture agency says the corn harvest is about 78 percent complete. That's well behind last year's 100 percent but ahead of the 69 percent average.

     The soybean harvest is close to wrapping up because combines can now get in wet areas that were hardened by freezing temperatures.

    BISMARCK, N.D. (PNS) - What could be America's largest transition of farm and ranch land ownership is under way, a trend that has many across the nation wondering about their next steps.

    Karen Stettler, program organizer for the Land Stewardship Project, said there isn't always a simple answer, with the transition of land to the next generation, which is happening more and more as farmers and ranchers grow older.

    "People who are working Minnesota and Wisconsin are saying it's really happening," she said. "People are really trying to figure out and starting to transfer land, whether it be to family members or to others, and it seems like that shift is really here."

    Stettler said it's estimated that over the next 20 years, up to 70 percent of America's farm and ranch land could change hands.

    In addition to these ownership transitions, another change across the rural landscape is the increase in the number of women landowners. Stettler said they now own or operate half of the farmland in the Midwest.

    "A lot of women end up being decision-makers on farms," she said, "and whether they farm the land themselves or whether they rent their land to other people, they find themselves in the decision-making role."

    To help women and others in transitions, Stettler said they've launched a Farm Transitions Toolkit, with information on everything from finances to networking and conservation.

    The toolkit can be found on the Land Stewardship Project website,

     (Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press and Prairie News Service.  All Rights Reserved.)

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